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Indoor Lighting

We provide a complete package of indoor lighting system for theatres, dramas, fashion shows, cinema studios, launching and anniversaries to make any occasion a truly memorable one. Event management for any of the above mentioned functions will also be handled by us on request.

The lighting systems for above indoor events will include Intelligent Scanners, Water & Fire Projectors, Baby Stars, Moving Heads, Follow Spots, Pyrotechnics CO2 jets and Special Effects.


Outdoor Lighting

Our high powered outdoor lighting system is available for beach parties, promotions, publicity events etc. The system will  include  Architechture Light & Sky Light machines which could be visible from a long distance.

Laser Systems upto 5 watts  of power,  Fire Throws,  Flame Lights, High Power Scanners, Par Cans, Large Fire Torches and Moving Heads are also included in the same package.


Stage Lighting

We provide state of the art  powerful stage lighting systems for open stage Musical Shows, Carnivals,  Dramas & Concerts etc. Over the years we have been recognized as the first choice for many such local and international events held in Sri Lanka.

Our stage lighting system comes with powerful Scanners, Wash & Spot Heads, Blinders, Laser Lights, Pyrotechnics, Special Effects and many many more.


Sale and Distribution

We are  the official distributor in Sri Lanka for many leading lighting system manufacturers in the international market. We also welcome sales inqueries for Pyrotechniques, Special Effects, Laser Lights, LED Lights and Fibre Optical cables to be purchased with a genuine after sales service.

The products in sales also include Sky Lights, City Colors, Image Projectors, GOBO Projectors, Wash & Spot Moving Heads, Par Cans, and Scanners etc. etc.