Standard DJ Package

Our Standard package available just for the typical wedding or banquet party.  The package is also economically suited for any indoor and outdoor party and get-togethers.

With this package we will be supplying an extensive collection of singles in Sinhala, Tamil, English and Hindi with a professional DJ.

The ultra modern sound system included in this package and 6 hours of playing time will  definitely make your party livelier from beginning to end.


Candle light & Music

This is our value package which we suggest for the cocktail hour and dinner, to supply the background music with an extended playing time.   Apart from our normal music tracks, we have included many popular German, French, Spanish and Italian tracks for those who prefer evergreen hits.

With a high performance sound system, this package also comes with special effects & Colorful scanners.

Candle light & Music package is also popular with many beach party holders.


Extravaganza Package

Our extravaganza package spares no effort in giving you the best music experience for your party.  We will supply our high performance professional sound system along with the extensive compact disc music library with a professional DJ.

In addition to that we also provide a high powered lighting system which will include Snow & Smoke Machines, Fire Torches, Vibrant Color Scanners and Laser Lights that will definitely give your party  a  truly night  club atmosphere.


Karaoke System

This is the best suited package for the party goers who are extremely keen with music.  Not only they can enjoy the smashing hits played by our professional DJ, but they can also sing along their most favorite tracks with the aid of a high powered music system.

This system also included a high luminance video projector that will project the streaming videos of popular music tracks on to a giant screen, selected by the Karaoke singers.